NeXTstep/OPENSTEP Disktab Entries

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This page was originally created and hosted by David Evans. David's preface, gently modified to reflect its new location, follows. As time permits (ha!), I may alter it more drastically to reflect my peculiar tastes. For the curious, I'm a borderline fanatical NeXT aficionado who stubbornly refuses to part with two cubes, two NeXTstations (one mono, one color) and two OPENSTEP-for-Intel machines. They'll pry 'em out of my cold, dead fingers. :-)

Quoting David Evans:

Here you may find user-contributed disktab entries for the NeXTSTEP operating system, sorted by manufacturer/model-number. There may be multiple entries for one device. If this is so, hopefully the comments will explain their differences. If not, you'll have to explore to find out the precise differences. I make no guarantee as to the accuracy of this information; I just collect it. I have not tested this information. You use it at your own disk. If you have problems with it, first try asking the originator of the entry. If you fix a broken entry then, by all means, let me know. If you have a disktab entry for a device that's not listed here, please send it to me. Note that I don't plan to include entries that I encounter on Usenet, unless the poster specifically asks for it to be included. I figure this is a good way to improve the accuracy of the information. Also, if you wish to make a link to this archive, please use the URL of this page. That way all users can see the complete contents of the archive.